Buyer's Services

Purchasing a home may be the largest purchase in your life, which is why you require a committed and knowledgeable real estate professional. I will ensure that the process of selecting and purchasing your first home is as smooth as possible. Here is a flavor of the experience I will walk you through to get you one step closer to the home you have always wanted.

Understanding your finances & obtaining pre-approval

I cannot stress the importance of this first step enough. It is essential to meet with a mortgage professional early in the process to determine what you can afford. In absence of this, it will become incredibly difficult and exhausting to look for homes without knowing a concrete price range that you can manage (from both a down-payment and loan-payment perspective). The good news is that it’s very easy to get pre-qualified with an institution! If you are finding difficulty in looking for a mortgage broker or institution to obtain a mortgage with, please contact me and I would be happy to arrange a meeting with a professional from my network of mortgage brokers based on your needs and goals.

Imagining your dream home

Once you have met with a mortgage professional to obtain pre-approval and evaluate your price range, you will have a better understanding of your price boundaries. Now it’s time for the exciting part, which is imagining your dream home!

Think about the community and neighborhood you would like to live in, as well as the most important factors for you (this is where it’s recommended to create a list of “needs” vs. “wants”). Consider factors like access to schools or public transportation, size, age, or space of the home. Certain factors will be more important to you than others, so it is critical to think about what factors are non-negotiable for you (access to public transportation vs. age of the home) so that your search is better targeted.

Searching for your dream home and closing the purchase

My goal is to create an easy and enjoyable experience for you. I will provide you with up to date market trends and frequently send you matches that meet your requirements through the Multiple Listing Service system (MLS), my website, as well as my broker’s automatic search feature. I will meet with you regularly to fully understand your needs, work with your schedule to schedule viewing appointments, and join you on the journey of viewing appointments and open houses.

As soon as the offer has been accepted, I will stay with you on the journey to ensure that the home inspection, financing and legal aspects are taken care of and seen all the way through.

My commitment to my clients is unparalleled. I will go the extra mile for my clients, which includes attending open houses or viewing appointments on their behalf when a scheduling conflict arises or even if I am curious to see what else is happening in the neighborhood. You can trust me to ensure that your home purchase is seamless, cost effective, and most importantly, enjoyable.